About R&M Tone Technology

R&M Tone Technology is a privately-held company that develops innovative technology-driven accessory products for the musical industry. The company was founded in 2006 by engineers Rory Howard and Michael Harney. R&M President and CEO Michael Harney is a multi-patent holding Electrical Engineer with extensive experience in consumer audio, video and wireless applications. R&M designs and manufactures unique musical instrument cables that solve tonal degradation problems inherent in the physical and electrical characteristics of today’s cables.

Through patented circuitry and amplification engineering, R&M cables express the full tonal characteristics of an instrument by capturing the output of its pickups and passing its complete spectrum of sound frequency along the cable to downstream pedals and amplifiers with no signal loss regardless of cable length.

R&M’s active, pre-amplified cables are designed with specific instruments and applications in mind, but allow players of any skill level to experience the true tone of their instrument and craft the sound they desire for themselves