Care of Your Powerwire

PowerWire is a well-made cable. Following these simple ‘best practices’ will help ensure the tonal integrity and the longevity of your cable.

1. Unlike other instrument cables you may own, your PowerWire contains amplification circuitry. Care should be taken to avoid dropping, throwing, or other abuse that could damage the amplifier.

2. Remember that the larger of the two connectors contains the PowerWire pre-amp. Because the amplification signal is directional, always plug the larger end of the cable into the guitar and the smaller connector into your downstream equipment such as a pedal board or primary amplifier.

3. Always grip the connectors to insert or remove the cable from your equipment to avoid putting undue stress on the wire, solder joints and circuitry of the PowerWire

4. Avoid trauma to the cable as well. Heavy equipment and even stepping on the cable can dent and damage the inner signal wire. Be careful when coiling or uncoiling the cable. Extreme flexing, kinking and sharp angles/edges can permanently damage the cable.

5. Keep the cable connectors and cable jacket clean and free of tarnish that can build up over time. Periodic cleaning with a small amount of rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth should clear any buildup of dirt and tarnish.

6. Any degradation of sound quality may be an indication of cable damage or weak batteries. Inspect the cable for visual damage and replace the batteries if needed. If the cable shows no signs of damage and fresh batteries have been installed yet sound quality is not improved, contact R&M support for assistance.