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CB6 stands for CleanBoost with 6 dB of signal gain. This is the first cable we designed, and it can be used with virtually any instrument except those with high output pickups or guitars with active pickups already installed. CB6 is a highly versatile cable. Like all versions of PowerWire cables, the CB6 connects to your instrument closest to its signal source – the pickups, and carries the full frequency spectrum of sound down the cable to your pedals or amplifier. The result is a cleaner overall signal, 6 dB of gain across the frequency range, a noticeably better sound than any passive cable.

  • Highly versatile
  • Clean 6dB of gain
  • Sounds noticeably better than ANY passive cable!

Hear the CB6 Here!

Improvisation of R&M Tone Technology PowerWire CB6 active instrument cable. Played on a Fender Stratocaster direct to a Carr Viceroy 33 Watt Amp.

Video of the CB6