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“The guitar sounded much better (I expected that because I previously watched Paul Riario’s demo for Guitar World) but what surprised me was how much better my individual effects pedals sounded (I have an overcrowded pedal board). Sound is subjective, but to my ears the pedals seem to have more presence – the higher frequencies stand out better and add more sparkle. The PowerWire is definitely something that everyone should have. My hat’s off to you.”

– Curtis D., Jacksonville, FL

“This active cable emphasizes the main advantage of onboard buffers/boosters/preamp, apart from driving long cables or pedals: the unbeatable acquired ability to REALLY use vol/tone pots to shape tones. From deep crunch to almost crystal clear in a finger flip. HEAVEN! It’s bizarre to see arguments on buffer pedals (obviously on the wrong side of the cable): what’s lost is lost! Using an active cable makes your amp amplify your exact guitar pickups. If then one feels it ‘s too bright, or too dark, the eq was designed exactly for that: cutting!”

– Francis Oudet, Paris, France

“The R and M cables are a great way to breathe new life into your guitar. The added punch and sustain could be the critical element that you have been missing from your tone. Clean tones and dirty tones sound fuller and more dimensional than with a standard cable. If you like the tone of your guitar but feel it is a little too soft and lacking punch, the R and M cables will deliver that extra oomph with no tonal sacrifices. I’ve played all four PowerWire cables and was impressed with each one.

– Jim Croke

“I have found at least two great uses for the power wire cables. First, they bring out the clarity of an instrument that is often missing when amplified, giving a true representation of the instrument’s tone and dynamics. Secondly for steel guitar. Steel guitars are notoriously hard to amplify. Pickups for these instruments are very high in impedance due to the size of the winding itself. More strings, bigger pickup. The Powerwire cable solves this problem by buffering the output of the guitar right at the source. The result is clearer tonality and better note separation. Exactly what you want in an amplified instrument.”

– Tom Mossburg, Phoenix, AZ

“I love the SS cable! Many thanks for producing such a remarkable cord.”

– Bill Elander, Phoenix, AZ

Guitarist Douglas Edward Jones having a ball trying out PowerWire at Byassee Music and Sound, Marion IL.

“My only passive is a G&L Legacy (essentially a ’59 strat) which has a great sound but annoys me because the top end falls away as the volume is wound back due to cable loading. I don’t want to modify it so the PowerWire sounds like the answer. Thank you again for a great product which is long overdue.

– Leonard T. Victoria, Australia (CB6)

“The PowerWire arrived late yesterday and was put right into the old A/B Test. Up against a very expensive piece of wire it proved to be a fair clip better. This weekend will be the true test running through my pedal board into a high end tube amp. Can’t wait to hear it!”

– David L. Los Angeles, CA (CB0)

“Just tried the cable. Wow!! Everything as promised: quieter, clearer, etc. Smiles.”

-Chris S. Ontario, Canada (CB0)


“My vintage Strat just grew a bigger set of balls!”

-Craig C., Chicago IL (CB6)